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Anchor BAK Tie Down

Retractable Anchor
Retractable Anchor

Retractable Anchor Tie Downs

Anchor BAK Tie Downs: A Truck Must-have

A truck tie down is a small gear attached on the back part of the truck. It is where the rope is tied to whenever you need to secure your equipments or items that you want to take with you during travel. There are several types of Anchor BAK tie down but they are commonly made of heavy duty stainless steel to prevent corrosion and for the user to utilize the gadget for the longest time. Aside for its durability, tie downs made by BAK Industries are also superior when it comes to aesthetics, usability and convenience.

Functions of the Anchor BAK Tie Downs

There are several reasons why campers and those who love driving trucks for their usual adventures, use Anchor BAK tie down. The usual purposes of tie downs include the following:

  • If your truck has a camper, Anchor BAK tie down prevents it from sliding to your truck bed or for falling to the highway. All you need to do is tie your camper to your truck through the tie down and you can be sure that it will be safe as you travel from one place to another.
  • You can tie your sports equipments such as your mountain bike or Jet Ski to your truck through the anchor tie down so it will stay stabilized and protected from getting damaged.
  • Anchor tie downs allow you to load your cargo in your truck without having to tie your rope on your undercarriage or side rails thereby giving your truck a clean and professional look. Tying ropes on your truck parts could damage your pick up or vehicle.

Features of Anchor BAK Tie Down

BAK products are proven to provide the specific needs of their clients especially when it comes to securing and protecting cargo. Their Anchor BAK tie downs are known and patronized for the following incredible features:

  • Heavy duty retractable anchor that snaps up when needed and snaps down and stays hidden when no longer needed.
  • Can be installed on any BAK tonneau cover.
  • It also fits on any other truck regardless of brand or model.
  • Installing Anchor tie down by BAK does not require drilling or truck alteration.
  • Can hold down up to 1,000 pounds of cargo
  • The eye is made of stainless steel that prevents corrosion or tarnishing even when exposed to corrosive elements or harsh environment.
  • Comes in black or polished steel finished
  • Movable so you can install it anywhere on your truck.
  • Fits in any stake pocket of pickups and trucks
  • Easy to install and can be mounted even by first time users.