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Bak Boards

OE Style Running Boards
OE Style Running Boards
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BAKBoards: Features and Functionality of Running Boards

Most trucks and SUVs come with running boards integrated but if you want to enhance the safety of your truck including your passengers, it would be wise for you to install BAKBoards on those narrow steps under your truck’s side doors. Running boards are also known as nerf bars. They provide a stylish appearance on trucks and SUVs including strength and durability. Aside from pickup trucks and SUVs, running boards are also used on vintage cars due to their higher ground clearance. Running boards play an important role in your truck but before installing one; consider where you are buying it from and its features.


BAKBoard Features

BAKBoards have special features that make them one of the most sought-after accessories in the market. Primarily, the running boards made by BAK Industries are made from heavy duty aluminum so you can expect for it to be durable, scratch and dent resistant. It is also proven and tested to take up to 500 pounds of weight. The running board from BAK is 100% UV protected with an external layer that is resistant from impact and collision. The engineers of BAK were thinking about their client’s and their passenger’s safety when designing their truck accessories. The BAK running boards are 6 inches wide and coated with step pads made of rubber to prevent its users from sliding. BAK running boards are designed to suit most pickups trucks and SUVs on the market so your are sure to find the running board that best fits your vehicle make, model and year. Aside from these amazing features, BAKBoards contain the following impressive qualities:

  • Available in different lengths so it can be easily installed in almost any SUV or truck.
  • Customized brackets with a light kit connected to the running board.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes in elegant black color but can be painted according to your preference

Reasons to Install Running Boards on your Pickup Truck or SUV

BAKBoards are an important truck accessory that serves several functions. Some of its basic purposes include the following:

  • Aids entry especially for high trucks.
  • Prevents shoes from slipping upon entry to the truck thus avoiding injuries.
  • Can be used to stand on while the truck is running, though this can be a risky practice.
  • Provides comfort to your feet when stepping inside your truck.
  • Protects both sides of your truck or vehicle during collision. Running boards act like a shield attached to the side of your truck.
  • Shakes off dust and mud on your passenger’s shoes so the amount of dirt that could be taken inside your truck is lessened.
  • Running boards is important during winter as it protects the passengers from slipping due to wetness.
  • Provides aesthetic value on your truck.