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Bak Box Toolbox

BAK BOX Tool Box
BAK BOX Tool Box

BAKBox Toolbox: Essential Information You Need to Know

The BAKBox toolbox is the latest product released by BAK Industries. It is a collapsible toolbox that is attached to your truck through the tonneau cover railing. The BAKBox has a sleek design that works effortlessly with the BakFlip tonneau cover. If you would like to know more about its excellent features and the advantages you can get out of this super toolbox, please read on.

Excellent Features of BAKBox Toolbox

  • The toolbox is 11 inches deep, 10 inches wide and 65 inches long so it can pretty much accommodate several truck tools and medium-sized outdoor equipments.
  • Has sliding dividers that can be shifted from side to side to secure smaller items such as screws and bolts in one section.
  • The BAKBox toolbox is made from double sided aluminum so you can rely on its strength and reliability. Because of its supreme materials, you can stand on it or use it as a bench to sit or lie on during your outdoor activities.
  • It has powder coated finish that matches OEM standards.
  • The toolbox is uniquely insulated. Because of this amazing feature, you no longer have to bring a separate icebox for your cold beverages and ice cubes when you need to party on the beach or outdoors.
  • The panels of the toolbox has EPS polystyrene core making it dry and water proof.

Advantages in Getting a BAKBox Toolbox

  • Space-saver. When not in use or when you need more space for your cargo, the toolbox can be conveniently flipped back to the wall of your cab.
  • Versatile. Aside from truck tools, it can be utilized to carry and secure other items such as clothes, books, groceries and other stuff.
  • Strong and dependable. The toolbox is sturdy and can take up to 400 pounds of weight so you can take heavier tools or items in it.
  • Safe keeper. Guaranteed to keep your tools dry and safe due to its superior locking system.
  • Easy installation. The installation of the toolbox is convenient and easy. You just have to hang the BAKBox toolbox on your truck‚Äôs rails then you are all set to go.
  • Accessible. Can be easily folded in seconds when not in use and can be accessed just as easily.
  • Guaranteed durability. Since the toolbox is made by the manufacturers of BAKflip tonneau cover, its panels are just as durable as other BAK products.
  • Detachable. Because of this, you can easily take it with you on your picnics, outdoor activities or to a job site.
  • Sleek and fashionable. The BAKBox toolbox is not only made for heavy duty applications, it is also made to be presentable and impressive to your companions.