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BAK Pro Caps

If you want to protect your truck to the highest level, equip it with BAK ProCaps. This product protects your truck bed from scratches and corrosion including the paint of your truck from chipping off. It is made with heavy duty ABS plastic that is resistant against impact and distortion regardless of harsh temperature such as prolonged sun exposure or heavy rains. It is also guaranteed to be UV protected for lasting utility and bedcap protection. Pro Cap bed caps are specifically designed to fit perfectly to bed rails so it gives a sleek look to your vehicle when installed. This tailored perfection is the result of highly engineered computer-controlled cutting and thermoforming process that puts BAK ProCaps ahead from its competitors. This product comes with an optional tailgate and bulkhead cap and when purchased directly from an authorized dealer, the product comes with 1 year factory warranty.

Product Advantages

Every ProCap is made to fit on any tonneau covers, camper shells, utility racks, toolboxes and other accessories installed in your truck so you can install this accessory even if you already have other items mounted in your truck. Other benefits that you can get from this product include:

  • Ready to be painted to compliment with the color of your truck’s exterior.
  • Perfectly designed to leave no space between the surface of the truck railings and the bedcap. This accuracy prevents airflow that gradually weakens the adhesive tapes which holds the bedcap to the truck rails. Airflow also promotes moisture that speeds up corrosion and truck rail deterioration.
  • Accurately fits to stake pocket positioning due to robotic CNC routers.
  • High in aesthetic value with superb rugged appearance.
  • Installing BAK ProCaps gives your truck a cleaner more professional look.
  • Provides a better hand grip when sitting on the rails of your truck.
  • Has perfect contoured fit based on original equipment (OE) dimensions.
  • Made to match with OE textures of other truck parts such as the side mirrors, bumper trim and door handles.
  • Installation will not peel your truck’s paint.

Product Installation

This truck accessory is a favorite among truck owners and enthusiasts because of its easy installation process. You do not need any tools or equipment to install this product onto your truck. You also do not need to drill or cut anything in order to install BAK ProCaps. All you need to do is peel off the 3M adhesive tape and attach it firmly on the surface of your truck rail and within minutes, your bedcap is ready to protect and smarten up your pickup truck. Each ProCap set uses 16 feet of adhesive tape in order to secure the accessory onto your truck.