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Smart Net

Small Cargo Net
Small Cargo Net

SmartNet Cargo Net

There are several ways to secure your cargo but one of the easiest and most convenient ways to protect your items no matter what it is or how big or small your load is, is to use a cargo net. A lot of states in the US require motorists and truck users to secure their cargo when travelling from one point to another so it is only right for you to get a truck accessory that would make you an exemplary, law-abiding citizen. You can use ropes, bars, hooks and other items to tie down your cargo but if you want to do it in seconds, then you should look into purchasing a cargo net.

Product Features

  • Suitable for any standard or light-duty pickup trucks.
  • Secures most load sizes by simply pulling a single strap.
  • The SmartNet can be easily released by taking the clip off on the pull strap.
  • Installation is so easy. You only need to attach the expandable net to the anchor points at the corner of the truck bed or to the stakehole pockets.
  • Easy to use
  • Works effectively and efficiently
  • The expandable net is guaranteed not to tangle.

Why You Should Use SmartNet

There are several reasons why you should use a cargo net to secure your load. For one, it provides optimum security for your load and prevents it from getting scattered on the road. Other reasons for using the SmartNet include:

  • A truck cargo net can be applied on your truck in a matter of seconds so securing your load will not consume time and will not encumber you in any way due to its easy installation process. The SmartNet can be installed with hooks or rings that come with every purchase. To make the net work for you, all you need to do is attach it to the truck bed or to the trailer and you are all set. There are different types of nets available in the market and you should get one that is appropriate to the type of cargo that you need to secure. Some nets are made of nylon rope, rubber or straps that promote flexibility to accommodate various types of load.
  • In some areas where it constantly rain, the use of a BAK SmartNet is a good idea to prevent your cargo from getting wet. You just place a tarpaulin over your cargo and place the net over it to protect your load from rain and falling debris.
  • In some states where leaving cargo on your truck untied or unsecure could be punishable, SmartNet could be your cheap solution to avoid penalties or legal impediments.
  • Using a SmartNet provides your cargo with proper ventilation which keeps your cargo, such as grocery items, fresh.