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RollBak Tonneau Covers

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The RollBAK Retractable Tonneau Cover

Key Features of RollBAK Retractable Tonneau Cover

One of the toughest retractable covers in the industry today is the RollBAK retractable tonneau cover. It is made of superior material like heavy-duty, solid aluminum to protect the cover from corrosion and dents. There are other retractable tonneau covers in the market but RollBAK is preferred by clients because it does not hinder the truck owner from using the stakehole pockets so he can use tie downs, racks and bed rails even with tonneau cover on his vehicle.

Weather Seal

Another feature that makes the RollBAK an irresistible tonneau cover is its optimum weather proof protection made from EPDM. With this weather seal, you can rely that your truck bed cover will serve its purpose for a lifetime and it will not break, lose its color, distort or weaken with the usual wear and tear. The RollBAK was tested to withstand extreme weather conditions before it was made available to the public.

Maximum Truck Content Protection

The reason purchase and install a RollBAK tonneau cover on your truck is to protect the equipments or cargo you want to take with you in your off-road or outdoor adventures. The makers of the RollBAK tonneau cover understand this need and that is why the cover is made of thick aluminum boards to withstand up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight on its surface. The cover is also engineered to remain noiseless and to stay in place during off-road applications. RollBAK also has a drainage system that directs water on top of the cover to the side rails and lead it to the container located at the front of the truck bed.

Optimum Security and Quality Assurance

The RollBAK retractable tonneau cover is equipped with a dual latch system that automatically locks and is strategically hidden under the cover to protect it from corrosion and other elements that would affect its durability. The RollBAK is also carefully designed by its engineers to utilize space and for the truck to be used other than its conventional purposes. RollBAK retractable tonneau covers are manufactured in the USA so you can expect optimum craftsmanship. The retractable RollBAK cover has a two year factory warranty and can be easily installed even by those who are not the handy type.

Dirt and Debris Protection System

Another impressive feature of the RollBAK retractable tonneau cover is its built-in brush or cleaning system that prevents the successful entry of dirt, debris and other materials that could potentially damage the bed of your truck. The moment you open the tonneau cover, the brushing system is automatically activated and sweeps the dirt or soil on top of your cover and therefore, keeping your truck’s bed clean and protected. It also averts the buildup of dust on the RollBAK’s surface so you can be sure that despite your truck’s constant exposure to outdoor adventure; it will remain neat and sheltered.