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American Roll Cover

American Roll Cover
American Roll Cover

The American Roll Cover is one of the top of the line retractable tonneau covers in the market today. It provides you with the strength and protection you need from a tonneau cover without compromising the style and overall appearance of your truck. The American Roll cover fits almost any truck make and model sold today and can accommodate to both factory and aftermarket accessories.

What makes the American Roll Cover such an outstanding product is the durability and security it provides. It is designed and built in America from lightweight aluminum material for easy handling but is double wall constructed for optimal durability and strength. The cover is so strong that it can withstand more than 500 pounds of distributed weight on top of it. It is powder coated in order to reduce scratching and dents. For security, the American Roll Cover has a specialized locking system that ensures the safety of your cargo inside your truck bed.

A good tonneau cover needs to protect your cargo not only from possible theft but from weather conditions as well. The American Roll Cover has an integrated 4-way, water drain system and wider side rail seals to help keep water out of your truck bed and to prevent any rusting.

The amount of usable bed space is a very important factor when loading larger objects onto your truck bed. With the American Roll Cover you have the option of an open truck bed, partially open truck bed or closed truck bed so you can have just the right amount of cargo space every time. The canister could be one of the smallest ones coming in at 8”by8” which creates more bed space than any other retractable cover in the market today. The cover has a stop and lock point every 12 inches and is tension driven for easy movement and handling.

The American Roll Cover offers top notch security and style and helps the performance of your vehicle by improving gas mileage by 7% to 10%. Buy your American Roll Cover today and experience the difference in quality and performance.

American Roll Cover Features:

  • Double wall constructed aluminum panels

  • Stop and lock points every 12”

  • Scratch-free powder coated finish

  • Designed to install in 1 hour or less

  • Two year manufacturer warranty

  • 4-way water drainage system

  • 8”x8” canister

  • Custom, heavy-duty clamps

  • Improves gas mileage by up to 10%

  • Low profile

  • Specialized locking system