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American Work Cover

American Work Cover
American Work Cover

The American Work Cover is the combination of the American Roll Cover and a toolbox. The integration of a toolbox onto the American Roll Cover makes it the perfect cover for the work truck. While most retractable tonneau covers are not made to work in unison with toolboxes the American Work Cover offers all the benefits of a tonneau cover and the use of a toolbox.

Even though there are other retractable tonneau covers that offer an integrated toolbox, they tend to mount the canister in front of the toolbox which obstructs as much as 18” of much needed bed space. The American Work Cover mounts the toolbox on top of the canister for maximum unobstructed space. The toolbox is made out of heavy-duty galvanized sheet metal and is double-sectioned with handy carry trays.

Because the American Work Cover is the American Roll Cover integrated with a toolbox, it provides all of the great features of the American Roll tonneau cover. It has the same performance features such as stop and lock points every 12 inches for controlled bed space, heavy-duty mounting clamps for lock-down installation and protective powder coating to help prevent unwanted scratch marks.

The American Work Cover offers all of the security and protection features as the American Roll Cover such as secure key lock guards to protect your cargo, a water drainage system to help keep water out of your truck bed, rust preventative properties and double-walled aluminum cover panels that can support over 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

American Work Cover Features

  • Heavy-duty, galvanized sheet metal toolbox

  • Two products in one – retractable tonneau cover and toolbox

  • Rust preventative properties

  • Stop and lock points every 12 inches

  • Protective powder coating

  • Two year manufacturer warranty

  • Toolbox goes over the cover canister for maximum space

  • Secure key locking system