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Q: How does the American Roll Cover function?

A: The American Roll Cover slides along rails that are mounted to the sides of the truck bed into a canister that is positioned at the front of the truck. The cover rolls into the small canister as it opens, which measures 8”x8”. The canister is the smallest in the industry which allows for maximum bed space usage.

Q: What is the American Roll Cover made of?

A: The American Roll Cover is the only retractable tonneau cover that is made out of double section aluminum which makes it the toughest retractable cover in the market today. The cover is powder coated with a textured finish in order to make it more scratch resistant and provide a high quality finish.

Q: Is the American Roll Cover waterproof?

A: No tonneau cover is completely waterproof but when properly fitted the American Roll Cover is extremely water resistant. A small amount of water may seep through into the truck bed after heavy rain. The American Roll Cover comes with a water drainage system that consists of four drain hoses that go on all sides of the truck bed. The hoses are fitted to draw water away from the cover and are very effective in doing so but cannot be guaranteed to be completely waterproof. Water may enter into the bed through components that are not part of the American Roll Cover such as the stake pockets, tailgate, etc.

Q: How easy is it to install?

A: The American Roll Cover is custom built to fit each specific make and model so there is no cutting required. It is a clamp-on installation in which little technical expertise is required to fit onto the truck. The only drilling required is in order to fit the drain hoses and the fitting instructions MUST be read carefully before attempting to install in order to ensure proper fitting. For first time installers should allow 2 hours for installation and professional installers should be able to install with an hour or less.

Q: Is the American Roll Cover lockable?

The American Roll Cover has stop and lock points every 12 inches. It locks into the side rails so you can open and close your tailgate without having to open the cover each time. The lock is protected from all weather conditions by a lock guard which protects the lock from freezing up in the winter months. For total security you will need to lock your tailgate. If you do not have a tailgate lock there are various aftermarket locks available for your truck.