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The RollBAK is a retractable tonneau cover and is one of the strongest retractable covers available. It is made from highly thick, heavy-duty aluminum to keep it rust-free and dent-free. The RollBAK is the only retractable tonneau cover that guarantees a complete and unobstructed use of the stakehole pockets on your truck. With this feature it gives you the opportunity to use tie downs, bed rails, and racks with the Roll BAK, an option that is not available on any other retractable truck cover.

Another great feature of the RollBAK retractable cover are the superior weather seals that are incorporated into the covers for optimal weather proof protection. The seals are made from EPDM, the same seals that are used for door seals and windshield wipers. They are created to last a lifetime and will not, fade, crack, warp or detriorate with continual day to day use. They are ensured to surpass any type of weather extremities, be it climates below freezing or extreme heat weather. For as long as you own your truck the RollBAK truck cover will remain looking the same as the day you bought it.What makes the RollBAK different and superior from all other retractable truck bed covers is its strength which lies in its thick aluminum slats that are made to withstand up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The felt lined underside which makes the retractable cover completely silent when driving off-road. Superior springs which allows the cover slats to retract easily even when the vehicle is parked in a steep incline. An advanced fit and superior rail system that allows the tonneau cover to fit effortlessly on Teflon tracks that self adjust inside the rails. This allows for the retractable bed cover to remain parallel at all times. The rail system incorporated to the RollBAK have a sucessfful drainage system in which any water that is on the top of the RollBAK cover gets directed to the side rails and is then led into the canister at the front of the truck bed.

RollBAK tonneau covers have state of the art security with a dual latching system that automatically and effortlessly locks the tonneau cover in place when it reaches the tailgate position. All the latches are smartly hidden under the tonneau cover to rid them from any exposure to the elements which will ensure the longevity of the latches. The design and layout of the RollBAK was created to maximize the space in your bed and not restrict it for optimal use.

RollBAK retractable covers are made in the USA and come with a 2 year factory warranty. It is factory set to make it a user-friendly installation experience.

The RollBAK G2 not only has optimal security and performance but also has an integrated brush that helps keep any debris or object from entering the truck bed. As you open the RollBAK the brushing system will sweep all debris and objects on top of the cover as you roll it open and will not permit anything from entering your truck bed. Through this feature your bed is kept clean and without any build up of debris from trees or from any other substance. Your cargo is kept safe and free of any dirt that can damage it